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Welcome to Wasa Future Festival!

The event is free of cost and open for all.

Wasa Future Festival gathers the skilled and motivated doers from companies, universities, and decision makers to solve problems and create solutions in the fields of economy, technology and culture.

Featured sessions

The Best Possible Future of Journalism

How News Media Can Thrive in Finland?
A hybrid panel discussion that explores the significance, funding models, and necessity of journalism: The audience can also ask questions and participate in the discussion both on-site and via chat.

Tue. 6.8.2024


THEME 4: GigaVaasa Talk 2024

Our roundtable discussions will cover three exciting themes:
– Preparing for investment in the GigaVaasa area: Where do we stand?
– Making mega-investments a reality: Strategies for success
– The role of public authorities in fostering investment: How can they help?

Wed. 7.8.2024


THEME 2: BotH2nia Hydrogen Valley

The Future of Finland’s Hydrogen Market, BotH2nia Hydrogen Valley in a Nutshell, panel discussion

Wed. 7.8.2024


Kvarken and Modern Export Industry Policy

The Kvarken Council, in collaboration with the Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, will organise a seminar with accompanying discussions on Thursday, 8 August 2024, during the Wasa Future Festival.

Thu. 8.8.2024


          • Learn
          • Network
          • Be a part of the development

          • 180+ speakers
          • 30+ events
          • 2500+ attendees



Concrete action

Each event sets out to determine concrete actions to develop Finland and the region. These actions are being followed up on a yearly basis. Past years have resulted in the birth of projects such as the EnergySAMPO-fund and the Vaasa-Umeå bridge.


The event is 100% carbon free. The electricity comes from a combination of sun and wind energy. The cooling is handled by a ground source heat pump. All the drink and food are carbon neutral and sourced from local producers.

We believe that teamwork and the common good is more important than the interests of any one organization.

We work across language barriers. The programming is from the ground up in three languages.

We believe that each person should be given a fair chance and treated as an equal.


In 2012 the first series of seminars on the future of Ostrobothnia called “NEW NORDIC CENTER” were held. The aim was to develop the region as to also benefit the whole of Finland. In 2018 the event was renamed to Wasa Future Festival, continuing the tradition and mission of its predecessor.

See the history page for more.


Wasa Future Festival is created in collaboration with all the participants. Each participant and speaker has contributed to a more comprehensive programme than ever. The following enablers have been with us:

Vaasan yliopisto, VAMK, Maanpuolustuskorkeakoulu, Novia, Hanken, Rannikko-Pohjanmaan Yrittäjät, EK, Kauppakamari, VASEK, Merinova, Vaasan kaupunki, Etelä Pohjanmaan Kulttuurirahasto, TE-Toimisto, Nuoret Yrittäjät, Nuori Yrittäjyys ry, Vaasan nuorisovaltuusto, VAMIA, Pohjanmaan liitto, Pohjanmaan kauppakamari, Vaasan Yrittäjät ry, Pohjanmaan ELY-keskus, Åbo Akademi, Yrkesakademin i Österbotten, EnergyVaasa, Vaasan Sähkö, Vaasan Settlementti, VAMOK, Viexpo, Mustasaaren kunta, Meteoria, GTK, Vaasa Hacklab, mPro, Suomen metsäkeskus, Merinova, Suomen fotoniikan seura, Kuulaopisto, Vaasa Facilita, Sitra, VTT, Tilastokeskus, Merenkurkun neuvosto, Luma keskus, POHY ry, WTF ry, Umeå Biotech Incubator and many more.

2023 YouTube-stream


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